6048 AMS KING MOOR 038

SB 6048 - S AMD TO S AMD (S2422.3) 135

By Senator King


On page 21, line 4, after "Constitution." strike all material through "requirements." on line 11


On page 24, after line 7, insert the following:


(1) The legislature recognizes that defining a new program of basic education and establishing new allocations of state funding deemed necessary to support school districts in offering that program carries with it the responsibility to identify long-term funding sources sufficient to support additional costs to the state that result. The legislature finds that while making ample provision for the education of all children residing within its borders is the state's paramount duty, it does not negate its responsibility for other essential state programs and services. The legislature further finds that while a redefined program of basic education and the resources necessary to support it is appropriate for both practical and educational reasons, it does not diminish the long-term funding obligations accruing from it, or the legislature's responsibility to demonstrate how it will meet them. The legislature therefore intends that work to identify long-term funding sources to finance the program and state allocations established under this act shall proceed concurrently with the work of the working group established in sections 111.

(2) The office of financial management shall convene a working group to identify new, long-term funding sources deemed sufficient to support the revised program of basic education and funding allocations adopted under this act.

(3) The working group shall include:

(a) A representative of the office of the governor;

(b) The superintendent of public instruction or the superintendent's designee;

(c) Two members of the house of representatives, with one member representing each of the major caucuses and appointed by the speaker of the house of representatives;

(d) Two members of the senate, with one member representing each of the major caucuses and appointed by the president of the senate;

(e) Four members of the public having expertise in state finances, appointed by the governor from a list of three names submitted by the leaders of each major caucus of the legislature;"


Renumber remaining sections consecutively and correct internal references accordingly.


On page 38, line 15, after "703." strike everything through "2011." on line 16 and insert the following:


"(1) Sections 101 through 105, 108, 109, and 601 through 607 of this act take effect September 1, 2011.

(2) Sections 1, 2, 106, 107, and 113 of this act take effect only if a new revenue source that (a) is dedicated to the purposes of these sections, (b) supplements and does not supplant existing revenue sources that support K-12 education, and (c) references these sections by section and bill or chapter number, is enacted into law by June 30, 2011. If such a revenue source is not enacted by that date, sections 1, 2, 106, 107, and 113 of this act are null and void."





EFFECT:   A working group is created on state funding sources to support the programs and allocations under this act.


The following sections of the bill are made contingent on enactment of a new, dedicated, and non-supplanting revenue source for those sections:


    Intent section (Sec. 1)

    Declaration of intent to revise formulae and schedules only for educational or technical reasons (Sec. 2)

    Basic education allocations (Sec. 106)

    New base allocation for calculating special education excess cost allocation (Sec. 107)

    Phase-in of Basic Education Requirements (Sec. 113)


If the revenue source is not enacted by June 30, 2011, those sections are null and void.



--- END ---