6449-S AMS MCDE SWAN 012

SSB 6449 - S AMD 176

By Senator McDermott

ADOPTED 2/15/2010

    On page 12, line 31, after "who" strike "directly"


    On page 12, line 32, after "person" strike everything through "person" on line 34


    On page 12, line 34, after "who" insert "only"


    On page 18, line 2, after "who" strike "directly"


    On page 18, line 3, after "person" strike everything through "person" on line 5

    On page 18, line 5, after "who" insert "only"


    Renumber the sections consecutively and correct any internal references accordingly.



           EFFECT:  Removes the requirement that a circulator directly obtains the signature of the individual who signs a petition. Clarifies that a person who only submits petitions to the Secretary of State is not a circulator.




--- END ---