HB 1946-S2 - DIGEST

Encourages all institutions of higher education to use common online learning technologies including existing learning management and web conferencing systems currently managed and governed by the state board for community and technical colleges and to share professional development materials and activities related to effective use of these tools.

Authorizes the state board for community and technical colleges to adjust existing vendor licenses to accommodate and provide enterprise services for any interested institution of higher education.

Requires the higher education coordinating board to: (1) Convene a higher education technology transformation task force to improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and quality of education relative to the strategic and operational use of technology in public education; and

(2) Subject to funds for this specific purpose, engage an independent expert to conduct an independent technical analysis of the findings of the comprehensive technology audits outlined in section 3 (4)(e) of the act.

Provides that the act is null and void if appropriations are not approved.