HB 2593-S - DIGEST

Creates new enforcement mechanisms related to the unlawful use or possession of shellfish gear.

Makes a distinction between derelict shellfish pots and derelict fishing gear.

Authorizes the department of fish and wildlife to: (1) Expand the coastal commercial Dungeness crab pot removal permit to Puget Sound; and

(2) Update their derelict fishing gear removal guidelines.

Expands the use of certain assessments to allow the department of fish and wildlife, until June 30, 2011, to use a portion of the revenue for the removal and disposal of derelict shellfish gear.

Extends the surcharge on sea cucumber and sea urchin dive fishery licenses.

Extends the excise tax on commercial possession of enhanced food fish for sea cucumbers and sea urchins.

Permits participants in the commercial coastal Dungeness crab fishery to designate a vessel with a hull length difference of greater than one foot annually rather than once every two years.