HB 3176 - DIGEST

Addresses state revenue related to: (1) Minimum nexus standards;

(2) Abusive tax avoidance transactions;

(3) Placing a cap on the first mortgage deduction;

(4) Direct seller business and occupation tax exemption;

(5) Business and occupation tax preferences for manufacturers of products derived from certain agricultural products;

(6) Eliminating tax preferences for bullion;

(7) Ending the preferential business and occupation tax treatment received by directors of corporations;

(8) Airplane excise tax;

(9) Public utility tax on interstate hauls;

(10) Foreclosure exemption;

(11) Tax debts; and

(12) Repealing the nonresident sales tax exemption, the sales and use tax exemption for livestock nutrient equipment and facilities, and the business and occupation tax credit for new employment for international service activities.