SB 6048.E - DIGEST

Finds ample evidence of a need for continuing to refine the program of basic education that is funded by the state and delivered by school districts.

Declares an intent to: (1) Continue to review, evaluate, and revise the definition and funding of basic education in order to continue to fulfill the state obligation under Article IX of the state Constitution to define and fund a program of basic education for children residing in the state and attending public schools;

(2) Continue to strengthen and modify the structure of the entire K-12 educational system, including nonbasic education programmatic elements, in order to build the capacity to anticipate and support potential future enhancements to basic education as the educational needs of our citizens continue to evolve;

(3) Build upon the previous efforts of the legislature and the work of the basic education task force, the state board of education, the professional educator standards board, and others;

(4) Fulfill the state's obligation under Article IX to establish a general and uniform system of public schools and build upon the actions previously taken by the legislature to address the inequities that exist in the current system;

(5) Begin a schedule for implementation of a redefined program of basic education and the resources necessary to support it, beginning in the 2011-12 school year; and

(6) Continue to review and revise the formulas and schedules and make additional revisions, including revisions for technical purposes and consistency in the event of mathematical or other technical errors.

Declares that when the system has the capacity to fully implement these reforms and enhancements they will be included in a definition and funding of basic education.

Declares that it is the intent of the legislature to maintain an active and ongoing role in monitoring and overseeing the development and implementation of the new basic education funding formula and redefinition of basic education.