2483-S2 AMH SEAQ MATH 192


2SHB 2483 - H AMD 1319

By Representative Haler

WITHDRAWN 03/06/2012

    On page 8, line 9, after "education;" strike "and"


    On page 8, line 10, after "(i)" insert "Development and expansion of innovations in higher education including innovations to increase attainment of postsecondary certificates, and associate, baccalaureate, graduate and professional degrees; and innovations to improve pre-college education in terms of cost-effectiveness and transitions to college-level education; and



    On page 10, line 17, after "outcomes" insert "of students receiving state need grants"




    EFFECT:   Adds a requirement that the ten-year roadmap developed by the Student Achievement Council includes proposals to expand innovations in higher education. Makes a technical correction to clarify that the outcomes being studied are for students receiving the state need grant.


--- END ---