2510-S AMH NEAL ADAM 096


SHB 2510 - H AMD 1182

By Representative Nealey

WITHDRAWN 02/14/2012

    On page 1, beginning on line 6, strike all of section 1


    Renumber the remaining sections consecutively.


    On page 2, beginning on line 35, strike all of section 3


    Correct the title.





    EFFECT:   Removes the language added to the child abuse purpose statute that states that a child's interests of basic health and safety should prevail over conflicting interests of a parent and that the safety of the child is the Department's paramount concern when determining whether a parent and child should be separated during or immediately following an investigation of alleged abuse or neglect.


Deletes the new section stating that the liability of governmental entities to parents accused of abuse or neglect is limited as provided in the bill, consistent with the paramount duty of the Department to protect the child's interest of basic health and safety, and the requirement that the child's interest prevail over conflicting interests of a parent.




--- END ---