5731 AMH ROSC THOR 147

SB 5731 - H AMD TO CDH COMM AMD (H-2250.1/11) 487

By Representative Ross

WITHDRAWN 04/09/2011

    On page 3, line 4, after "24.50.005(2)." insert the following:

"Sec. 2.  RCW 24.50.005 and 2006 c 34 s 1 are each amended to read as follows:

    (1) The legislature finds that:

    (a) Manufacturing accounts for nearly ten percent of employment in the state and provides significantly higher than average wages;

    (b) The success of the manufacturing sector is critical to getting Washington's economy back on track;

    (c) To perform in the emerging global marketplace, Washington manufacturers must master new technologies, production processes, and methods of work organization;

    (((b)))(d) Only through modernization can Washington manufacturers both compete successfully in the market of the future and pay good wages;

    (((c)))(e) Most small and midsize manufacturers cannot easily access the technical assistance and skills training needed to make them globally competitive; and

    (((d)))(f) To be effective, any program to improve the capability of Washington small and midsize manufacturers must reflect the specific needs and capabilities of those firms.

    (2) It is the intent of the legislature that the state:

    (a) Increase its support for delivery of modernization services to small and midsize manufacturers and leverage federal and private resources devoted to such efforts((.  It is the further intent of the legislature that the state));

    (b) Facilitate the delivery of modernization services(( and:));

    (((a)))(c) Encourage small and midsize firms to aggregate their demand for training and other modernization services, thus driving down the cost to the individual firm and securing more effective services; ((and))

    (((b)))(d) Encourage large firms to support training consortia among their suppliers and validate the importance of high performance work organization and workplace learning as desirable supplier practices;

    (e) Support manufacturing; and

    (f) Let's get Washington working again."



    EFFECT:  Inserts and amends the existing Washington Manufacturing Services' intent section by adding: (1) findings related to manufacturing's employment, wages, and value to the economy; and (2) the legislatures intent to support manufacturing and get Washington to work.  



--- END ---