HB 1129

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C 17 L 11

Synopsis as Enacted

Brief Description: Including a bicycle and pedestrian traffic safety curriculum in certain traffic schools and safety courses.

Sponsors: Representatives Klippert, Liias, Billig, Rolfes, Fitzgibbon, Reykdal, Ryu, Finn and Moscoso.

House Committee on Transportation

Senate Committee on Transportation


In Washington, individuals may defer one moving and one non-moving traffic violation every seven years. As a condition of this deferral, a court may impose such conditions as the court finds appropriate, which often includes attendance at a driver improvement school or traffic school. If the individual meets all of the required conditions and has not committed another infraction, the court may dismiss the infraction at the end of the deferral period.

The Department of Licensing (DOL) is responsible for overseeing the commercial driver training school program. The DOL is also responsible for providing the driver training school curriculum to each applicant for an instructor or driver training school permit. In addition to information on the safe, lawful, and responsible operation of motor vehicles, the curriculum must include information regarding the intermediate driver's license restrictions and sanctions, the effects of alcohol and drug use on motor vehicle operators, and the importance of safely sharing the road with bicycles, pedestrians, and motorcycles.


Jurisdictions that conduct traffic schools in connection with a condition of a deferral, sentence, or penalty for a traffic infraction or a traffic-related criminal offense are required to utilize the curriculum for driving safely among bicyclists and pedestrians approved by the DOL. This addition to the traffic school curriculum does not require that more than 30 minutes be spent on the curriculum.

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July 22, 2011