1057-S AMH HANS HARJ 103


SHB 1057 - H AMD 501

By Representative Hansen

ADOPTED 06/06/2013

    On page 126, beginning on line 17, strike all material through "lapse" on line 19 and insert "competitive grants to school districts to increase the capacity of high schools to offer AP computer science courses.  In making grant allocations, the office of the superintendent of public instruction must give priority to schools and districts in rural areas, with substantial enrollment of low-income students, and that do not offer AP computer science.  School districts may apply to receive either or both of the following grants:

    (i) A grant to establish partnerships to support computer science professionals from private industry serving on a voluntary basis as coinstructors along with a certificated teacher, including via synchronous video, for AP computer science courses; or

    (ii) A grant to purchase or upgrade technology and curriculum needed for AP computer science, as well as provide opportunities for professional development for classroom teachers to have the requisite knowledge and skills to teach AP computer science."




    EFFECT:  Replaces a reference to House Bill 1472 with a specific grant program that supports advanced placement computer science courses in schools through professional partnerships or funds for technology and curriculum upgrades. 


    FISCAL IMPACT: No net change to appropriated levels.



--- END ---