1279-S AMH HUNS H3576.2

SHB 1279  - H AMD597
     By Representative Hunt, S.

ADOPTED 01/27/2014

     On page 2, beginning on line 8, strike all of section 2 and insert the following:

"Sec. 2   RCW 46.20.155 and 2013 c 11 s 90 are each amended to read as follows:
     (1) Before issuing an original license or identicard or renewing a license or identicard under this chapter, the licensing agent shall determine if the applicant wants to preregister or register to vote or update his or her voter registration by asking the following question:

     "Do you want to preregister or register to vote or update your voter registration?"

     If the applicant chooses to preregister, register, or update a registration, the agent shall ask the following:

     (1) "Are you a United States citizen?"
     (2) "Are you ((or will you be eighteen)) at least sixteen years of age ((on or before the next election))?"

     If the applicant answers in the affirmative to both questions, the agent shall then submit the preregistration, registration, or update. If the applicant answers in the negative to either question, the agent shall not submit ((a voter registration)) an application. Information provided for preregistration under this section is exempt from public inspection and copying pursuant to RCW 42.56.250.
     (2) The department shall establish a procedure that substantially meets the requirements of subsection (1) of this section when permitting an applicant to renew a license or identicard by mail or by electronic commerce."

EFFECT:  Conforms the bill to be consistent with changes made to statute in 2013.

--- END ---