1287 AMH DAHL FLYN 051


HB 1287 - H AMD 460

By Representative Dahlquist

WITHDRAWN 04/18/2013

    On page 8, after line 9, insert the following:

    "NEW SECTION.  Sec. 6.  If an expiration date is included in this act, then upon the expiration date all property belonging exclusively to any county or municipal corporation is exempt from taxation only to the extent that the property is used exclusively for essential government services as defined in RCW 84.36.010." 




    EFFECT:   Requires that only county or municipal property used for an essential government services is exempted from taxation if there is an expiration date placed on the inclusion of economic development in the definition of essential government services for which tribally owned property is used in order to qualify for a tax exemption.  



--- END ---