1287 AMH DAHL H2358.1

HB 1287  - H AMD461
     By Representative Dahlquist

WITHDRAWN 04/18/2013

     On page 6, beginning on line 6, after "States" strike all material through "services" on line 10 and insert "((, the state, or any county or municipal corporation)) or the state; all property belonging exclusively to any county, municipal corporation, or federally recognized Indian tribe located in the state, if that property is used exclusively for essential government services or economic development"

     On page 6, at the beginning of line 35, strike "((and)) utility services, and economic development" and insert "and utility services"

EFFECT:  Removes economic development from the definition of essential government services. Makes county, municipal, and tribal property exempt from taxation if the property is used for essential government services or for economic development.

--- END ---