1688-S AMH HAWK WICK 086


SHB 1688 - H AMD 245

By Representative Hawkins

WITHDRAWN 03/13/2013

    On page 2, line 5, after "enclosure," strike "from which the student may not leave" and insert "specifically intended for disciplinary confinement"


    On page 2, beginning on line 7, after "student" strike all material through "batons" on line 11


    On page 2, beginning on line 12, after "(2)" strike all material through "student." on line 15


    On page 3, line 6, after "but" strike "postmarked"



    EFFECT:  Makes the following changes to the underlying bill:

·    Modifies the definition of isolation to include an area specifically intended for disciplinary confinement. 

·    Removes the use of a restraint device from the definition of restraint.

·    Removes the definition of restraint device. 

·    Modifies the notification requirements and follow up procedures to not only apply to incidents of restraint that result in physical injury or that last longer than two minutes, but to apply to all incidents of restraint or isolation that occur while the student is participating in school-sponsored instruction or activities. 

·    Removes the postmark requirement from the written notification procedure for principals after a restraint or isolation incident. 


--- END ---