1717-S AMH TAYL H1990.1

SHB 1717  - H AMD127
     By Representative Taylor

WITHDRAWN 03/08/2013

     On page 2, after line 6, insert the following:
     "(c) Counties, cities, and towns are not authorized by this section to assess fees for general comprehensive plan amendments or updates."

     On page 2, after line 31, insert the following:
     "(5) Any ordinance adopted under subsection (4) of this section must be submitted to the voters for their approval or rejection at a general or special election.
     (6) Counties, cities, or towns may collect a fee for a specific development proposal up to seven years from either the time of adoption of the fee or until the adoption of a new SEPA threshold determination for the proposal, whichever occurs first."

     Renumber the remaining subsections consecutively and correct any internal references accordingly.

EFFECT:  Provides that the fees that counties, cities, and towns are authorized to assess and collect do not apply to general comprehensive plan amendments or updates.
     Requires that any ordinance adopted by a county, city, or town establishing: (1) The total amount of expenses to be recovered through the fee; (2) standards for determining the fee amount; or (3) procedures for applicants to challenge the fee amount must be submitted to the people for approval or rejection in a form of legislative referendum.
     Establishes that fees adopted under this section may only be collected with respect to a specific development proposal for a certain period of time (either seven years or until a new SEPA threshold determination), after which time they cannot be collected.

--- END ---