1971-S2 AMH WILC H2445.1

2SHB 1971  - H AMD438
     By Representative Wilcox

ADOPTED 04/16/2013

     On page 10, line 24, after "(6)(a)(ii)" insert ". Until July 1, 2018, a seller of prepaid wireless telecommunications service may charge an additional five cents per retail transaction as compensation for the cost of collecting and remitting the tax"

     On page 29, line 23, after "Sec. 301." strike "Part" and insert "(1) Except as provided otherwise in this section, part"

     On page 29, after line 24, insert the following:
     "(2) Sections 102 through 106 of this act take effect January 1, 2014."

EFFECT:  Allows retailers to charge an additional five cents for each retail sale of prepaid wireless to compensate for the costs of administering the tax for five years. Changes the effective date for the provisions of the bill relating to prepaid wireless to January 1, 2014.

--- END ---