2034-S AMH SANT MCLA 898


SHB 2034 - H AMD 507

By Representative Santos

WITHDRAWN 06/06/2013

    On page 47, line 21, after "implement" strike "the"


    On page 47, beginning on line 22, after "graduation" strike all material through "2010" on line 23 and insert "requirements"


    On page 47, line 24, after "2018." insert "The board may not adopt final rules under this subsection (d) before June 1, 2014."




    EFFECT:   Removes the stipulation that the State Board of Education must adopt particular graduation requirements based on a Board resolution adopted on November 10, 2010.  Directs that the Board may not adopt final rules on this topic before June 1, 2014.



--- END ---