2500-S AMH REYK H3859.2

SHB 2500  - H AMD609
     By Representative Reykdal

ADOPTED 02/07/2014

     On page 2, at the beginning of line 33, strike all material through "RCW 19.28.191(1)(h)" on line 37 and insert "((sixteen)) forty-eight hours of: Approved classroom training covering this chapter, the national electrical code, or electrical theory; or equivalent classroom training taken as part of an approved apprenticeship program under chapter 49.04 RCW or an approved electrical training program under RCW 19.28.191(1)(((h))) (f). (("


     On page 3, beginning on line 5, after "proof" strike "of)) forty-eight hours of approved classroom training. ((At" and insert "of forty-eight hours of approved classroom training. At"

     On page 3, line 31, strike "program" and on line 32, after "or" insert "residential specialty"

EFFECT:  Corrects drafting errors: (1) Restores current law regarding what training qualifies as approved or equivalent classroom training; and (2) clarifies that journey level or residential specialty trainees may work if registered in an apprenticeship program.

--- END ---