5459-S AMH HCW MORI 044



By Committee on Health Care & Wellness

ADOPTED 04/09/2013

    On page 2, at the beginning of line 15, strike "care service plan, health insurer" and insert "benefit plan, health carrier"


    On page 2, line 18, after "coverage" strike "for a drug"


    On page 2, line 19, after "beneficiary's" insert "or enrollee's"




     EFFECT:  Makes terms relating to health insurance consistent with state statutes by changing "health care service plan" to "health benefit plan," changing "health insurer" to "health carrier," and adding "enrollee" to "beneficiary."  Clarifies that the act does not require coverage (instead of coverage "for a drug") in a manner inconsistent with the plan benefit. 



--- END ---