5577-S AMS CARR S2111.1

SSB 5577  - S AMD163
     By Senators Carrell, Darneille

ADOPTED 03/08/2013

     On page 10, beginning on line 31, strike "provided in chapter 42.40 RCW" and insert "afforded to a whistleblower under RCW 42.40.050 and 49.60.210(2), subject to the limitations of RCW 42.40.910"

     On page 10, line 35, after "if the" strike "auditor" and insert "ethics board"

     On page 13, beginning on line 23, strike all of section 11

     Renumber the remaining sections consecutively and correct any internal references accordingly.

SSB 5577  - S AMD
     By Senators Carrell, Darneille

ADOPTED 03/08/2013

     On page 1, line 4 of the title, after "42.52 RCW;" strike "adding new sections" and insert "adding a new section"

EFFECT:  Clarifies the scope of the protection from retaliation available to a state employee who files an ethics complaint with the appropriate ethics board and makes technical corrections.

--- END ---