6001-S AMS HASE GAMB 142


SSB 6001 - S AMD 589

By Senator Hasegawa

ADOPTED 03/04/2014

    On page 33, after line 11, insert the following:


    "(10) As a condition of eligibility to receive grant funds under this section, a regional transit authority must:

(a) Consider the potential impacts of that facility on parking availability for residents nearby;

(b) Provide appropriate parking impact mitigation for residents, as determined by the authority in collaboration with the local government of the area in which the parking impacts occur.  Parking impact mitigation may include, but is not limited to, subsidizing zoned residential parking permits in the vicinity of the facility; and

(c) Pay for the cost of the parking permits in the vicinity of the facility, if a local government implements zoned residential parking permits as a direct result of the parking impacts of the facility."




    EFFECT:  As a condition of receiving grant funding provided in this program, Sound Transit is required to provide parking mitigation for parking impacts caused by Sound Transit construction, including paying for zoned residential parking permits. 



--- END ---