6440-S AMS KING S4840.2

SSB 6440  - S AMD593
     By Senators King, Eide

ADOPTED 03/04/2014

     Beginning on page 4, line 19, after "(3)" strike all material through "(6)" on page 5, line 3 and insert "The department, in addition to the resulting fee, must charge an additional fee of five dollars as a handling charge for each license issued.
     (4) The vehicle tonnage fee must be prorated so the annual license will correspond with the staggered vehicle licensing system.
     (5) A decal or other identifying device issued upon payment of the annual fee must be displayed as prescribed by the department as authority to purchase this fuel.
     (6) Persons selling or dispensing natural gas or propane may not sell or dispense this fuel for their own use or the use of others into tanks of vehicles powered by this fuel which do not display a valid decal or other identifying device.
     (7) Commercial motor vehicles registered in a foreign jurisdiction under the provisions of the international registration plan are subject to the annual fee.
     (8) Motor vehicles registered in a foreign jurisdiction, except those registered under the international registration plan under chapter 46.87 RCW, are exempt from this section.

     Renumber the remaining subsection consecutively and correct any internal references accordingly.

     On page 18, line 37, after "act" insert "and is taxable by the state under chapters 82.08 and 82.12 RCW"

SSB 6440  - S AMD
     By Senators King, Eide

ADOPTED 03/04/2014

     On page 1, line 1 of the title, after "Relating to" strike "imposing transportation taxes and fees on"

EFFECT:  Reinstates the requirement for natural gas and propane vehicles that have paid the in lieu of fee to display a decal and to pay the $5 handling charge.
     Clarifies that natural and manufactured gas that is used for transportation purposes is subject to either the state and local sales and use tax or transportation taxes, but not both.
     Corrects the title to better reflect the content of the bill.

--- END ---