ESHB 1057

This analysis was prepared by non-partisan legislative staff for the use of legislative members in their deliberations. This analysis is not a part of the legislation nor does it constitute a statement of legislative intent.

As Passed House:

June 6, 2013

Title: An act relating to fiscal matters.

Brief Description: Making omnibus operating appropriations.

Sponsors: House Committee on Appropriations (originally sponsored by Representative Hunter; by request of Governor Gregoire).

Brief History:

Committee Activity:

Appropriations: 1/14/13, 1/15/13, 6/5/13 [DPS].

First Special SessionFloor Activity:

Passed House: 6/6/13, 53-35.

Brief Summary of Engrossed Substitute Bill

  • Making biennial operating appropriations for the 2013-15 biennium.

  • Making supplemental operating appropriations for the 2011-13 biennium.


Majority Report: The substitute bill be substituted therefor and the substitute bill do pass. Signed by 18 members: Representatives Hunter, Chair; Ormsby, Vice Chair; Carlyle, Cody, Dunshee, Green, Haigh, Hudgins, Hunt, Jinkins, Kagi, Maxwell, Morrell, Pedersen, Pettigrew, Seaquist, Springer and Sullivan.

Minority Report: Do not pass. Signed by 8 members: Representatives Alexander, Ranking Minority Member; Chandler, Assistant Ranking Minority Member; Buys, Dahlquist, Fagan, Haler, Schmick and Taylor.

Staff: Charlie Gavigan (786-7340).


The state government operates on a fiscal biennium that begins on July 1 of each odd-numbered year. A biennial budget is adopted every odd-numbered year, and supplemental budgets frequently are enacted in each of the following two years. Appropriations are made in the biennial and supplemental budgets for the operation of state government and its various agencies and institutions, as well as for kindergarten through grade 12 public schools.

The 2011-13 State Omnibus Appropriations Act (Operating Budget) appropriates $31.2 billion from the Near General Fund and Opportunities Pathways accounts. The total budgeted amount, which includes state and federal funds, is $61 billion.

Summary of Engrossed Substitute Bill:

State Near General Fund and Opportunity Pathways appropriations for the 2011-13 biennium are reduced in the 2013 Supplemental Operating Budget by $20 million; the total 2011-13 budget is increased by $11 million.

State Near General Fund and Opportunity Pathways appropriations for the 2013-15 biennium total $33.7 billion. The total 2013-15 budget is $66.8 billion.

Appropriation: The bill contains multiple appropriations. Please refer to the bill and supporting documents.

Fiscal Note: Requested on June 6, 2013.

Effective Date: The bill contains an emergency clause and takes effect immediately, except for section 969, which contains an emergency clause and takes effect July 1, 2013, section 948, which takes effect August 1, 2013, section 960, which takes effect June 30, 2013, and sections 968 and 986, which takes effect July 28, 2013.

Staff Summary of Public Testimony:

Please refer to the January 13, 2013, and January 14, 2013, recordings of the public hearings on the original bill.

Persons Testifying: (In support) Tasha Church, Sexual Assault Center of Pierce County; Maralise Hood Quan, Pierce County Dispute Resolution Center; Adrian Thompson, Professional Technical Employees Local 117; Christie Richardson, Safe Babies-Safe Moms; Angela Rinaldo, Youth Suicide Prevention; Melanie Smith, Pierce County Human Services Coalition; Lonnie Johns-Brown, March of Dimes; Ellie Menzies, Service Employees International Union 1199 NW; Kate White Tudor, Washington Association of Community and Migrant Health Centers, Washington State Nurses Association, and Washington Occupational Therapy Association; Len McComb, Washington State Hospital Association; Peggy Quan, AARP; Helen Nilon, Mental Health Action; Marcie Taylor, Community Employment Alliance; Laura Wells, Fight Crime: Invest in Kids; Mitch Denning, Alliance of Education Associations; Steve Story, Washington Association Maintenance and Operations; Kimberly Platt, Digital Public School Alliance; Deborah Nooley; Mike Moran, Second Harvest; and Peter Reid, Washington State Parks Foundation..

(In support with amendment(s)) Matt Zuvich, Washington Federation of State Employees.

(In support with concerns) Laurie Lippold, Partners for Our Children; Bob Cooper, National Association of Social Workers-Washington Chapter; Donna Patrick, Developmental Disabilities Council and Arc of Washington State; Alex Hu, Washington Low Income Housing Alliance; Marcie Bowers, Poverty Action; Jennifer Allen, Planned Parenthood; Robin Zukoski, Columbia Legal Services; Marie Sullivan, Washington State School Directors Association; Ben Rarick, State Board of Education; Ramona Hattendorf, Washington State Parent Teacher Association; Ken Kanikeberg, Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction; Margaret Shepard, University of Washington; Paul Francis, Council of Presidents; Jaclyn Serlich, Associated Students of Central Washington University; and Betty Tabbott, League of Women Voters.

(With concerns) Josh Weiss, Washington State Association of Counties; Victoria Lincoln, Association of Washington Cities; Lani Todd, Service Employees International Union 925; Glenda Faatoofe, Service Employees International Union 775 Northwest; Melissa Johnson, Addus Health Care; Dave Knutsen, Washington Health Care Association; Tim Leher, Washington Health Care Association; Scott Sigmon, Leading Age Washington; Frank Ordway, League of Education Voters; Tina Kendall; Holly Lindsey; Natasha Fecteau; Jen Estroff, Children's Alliance; Alex Hur, Equity in Education Coalition and Northwest Career Colleges Federation; Chris Mulick, Washington State University; Sherry Burkey, Western Washington University; David Buri, Eastern Washington University; Julie Garver, The Evergreen State College; Melanie Mayoch, Professional Student Senate; Jim King, Citizens for Parks and Recreation; Doug Levy, Washington Recreational Parks Association; Lukas Peter; Stet Palmer, Helen Hepp, and Patrick Wadsworth, Friends of Schafert and Lake Sylvia; Alia Griffing and Brian Yearout, Washington Federation of State Employees; Judy Jones, Thurston County Food Bank; Darcy Nonemacher, Washington Environmental Council; Carl Schroeder, Association of Washington Cities; Brandon Housekeeper, Association of Washington Business; and Johan Hellman, Washington Pubic Ports Association.

(Commented) Paul W. Locke; and Kathleen Southwick, Washington Information Network 211.

(Opposed) Vicki McNeally and Terry Kohl, Washington State Residential Care Council of Adult Family Homes; Seth Dawson, Common Ground for Children and Families; and Nicholas Lutes, State Board for Community and Technical Colleges.

Persons Signed In To Testify But Not Testifying: None.