BILL REQ. #:  H-0145.2 


State of Washington63rd Legislature2013 Regular Session

By Representatives Pedersen, Rodne, Goodman, Buys, Hunt, Hunter, Hudgins, Carlyle, Fey, and Pollet

Read first time 01/28/13.   Referred to Committee on Government Operations & Elections.

     AN ACT Relating to giving general election voters the power to choose between the top two candidates for nonpartisan offices; reenacting and amending RCW 29A.36.170; and repealing RCW 29A.36.171.


Sec. 1   RCW 29A.36.170 and 2005 c 2 s 6 are each reenacted and amended to read as follows:
     (((1))) For any office for which a primary was held, only the names of the top two candidates will appear on the general election ballot; the name of the candidate who received the greatest number of votes will appear first and the candidate who received the next greatest number of votes will appear second. No candidate's name may be printed on the subsequent general election ballot unless he or she receives at least one percent of the total votes cast for that office at the preceding primary, if a primary was conducted. On the ballot at the general election for an office for which no primary was held, the names of the candidates shall be listed in the order determined under RCW ((29A.36.130)) 29A.36.131.
     (((2) For the office of justice of the supreme court, judge of the court of appeals, judge of the superior court, or state superintendent of public instruction, if a candidate in a contested primary receives a majority of all the votes cast for that office or position, only the name of that candidate may be printed for that position on the ballot at the general election.))

NEW SECTION.  Sec. 2   RCW 29A.36.171 (Nonpartisan candidates qualified for general election) and 2004 c 271 s 170 are each repealed.

--- END ---