By Senators Honeyford, Hatfield, Hobbs, Brown, Schoesler, Holmquist Newbry, Angel, Hewitt, Benton, Becker, Ericksen, Bailey, Parlette, Hill, Dammeier, Rivers, Braun, Fraser, Padden, Pearson, Conway, Hasegawa, Sheldon, Fain, Chase, Rolfes, Nelson, King, Litzow, Baumgartner, and O'Ban

     WHEREAS, The Civil Air Patrol was born on December 1, 1941, just days before the attack on Pearl Harbor, for the purposes of liaison flying and interdiction of infiltrators on the east coast and the southern border of the United States, and the Civil Air Patrol insignia, a red three-bladed propeller in the Civil Defense white-triangle-in-blue-circle, began appearing everywhere; and
     WHEREAS, When German submarines began to prey on American ships, the Civil Air Patrol's mission grew to include a 1,000-member coastal patrol, 64 of whom died in service and 26 of whom were lost at sea; and
     WHEREAS, After Civil Air Patrol planes were issued bombs and depth charges in response to a crew watching in vain as a grounded sub off Cape Canaveral, Florida, escaped before the military arrived, the Civil Air Patrol Coastal flew 24 million miles and found 173 subs, attacked 57, hit 10, and sank two; and
     WHEREAS, By presidential executive order, the Civil Air Patrol became an auxiliary of the Army Air Force on April 28, 1943, and some months later the Germans withdrew coastal U-boat operations "because of those damned little red and yellow airplanes"; and
     WHEREAS, The Civil Air Patrol went on to target-towing operations, courier service for the Army, liaison and cargo flights between war plants, and southern border patrol against enemy infiltrators crossing from Mexico, and air, search and rescue, and nonflying Civil Air Patrol members guarded airfields and trained a rapidly growing corps of Civil Air Patrol cadets; and
     WHEREAS, During the postwar years, the Civil Air Patrol was put to work in search and rescue missions, saving the United States millions of dollars in operational costs, because there was no other organization with the equipment and training to continue this vital job as military aircraft was far too expensive to operate and flew too fast to accurately spot downed planes and personnel; and
     WHEREAS, During floods and other natural disasters, the Civil Air Patrol has flown vital serum and vaccines to areas unreachable by heavier aircraft, and ground teams have helped in the evacuation of cities and towns; and
     WHEREAS, The Civil Air Patrol has a cadet program with over 24,000 young people between the ages of 12 and 20, one of its major attractions being the aerospace program which provides both classroom and practical instruction in flight and rocketry, and each cadet is offered the opportunity to participate in orientation flights in both powered and glider aircraft, while learning search and rescue techniques and many other valuable skills, with an emphasis on military history, leadership, and service to others both within the squadron and the community as a whole; and
     WHEREAS, Today's Civil Air Patrol continues its service and commitment to our state and country with three primary missions: Aerospace Education, Cadet Programs, and Emergency Services; and
     WHEREAS, In Washington state alone, the Civil Air Patrol is composed of 734 senior members and 638 cadets who flew their eleven aircraft 2,304 hours in service to our state and, primarily for cadet aerospace education, their Washington state gliders took 696 flights, at a value of 3 million dollars in volunteer hours; and
     WHEREAS, The Washington Wing was ranked first for hours flown per aircraft above all Wings in the CAP Pacific Region, which is comprised of Wings from Alaska, Oregon, California, Hawaii, Washington, and Nevada, and the Washington Wing ranked 14th for hours flown per wing out of the 57 CAP units nationwide;
     NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, That the Washington state Senate recognize the Washington state wing of the Civil Air Patrol for its courageous and unwavering dedication to our citizens; and
     BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, That a copy of this resolution be immediately transmitted by the Secretary of the Senate to Civil Air Patrol Wing Commander, Colonel David Lehman, and to Civil Air Patrol Colonel, Theodore Tax.

I, Hunter G. Goodman, Secretary of the Senate,
do hereby certify that this is a true and
correct copy of Senate Resolution 8682,
adopted by the Senate
February 17, 2014

Secretary of the Senate