SB 5897 - DIGEST

Promotes a balanced financing system for state parks programs and services.

Authorizes the parks and recreation commission to: (1) Provide natural, cultural, or historical resource interpretive activities for visitors to state parks; and

(2) Consult and enter into agreements with and solicit assistance from the Washington state parks foundation, private sector individuals, organizations, businesses, employee business units, other public agencies, and tribes that are interested in stewarding and interpreting state parks natural, cultural, scenic, and recreational resources.

Changes the name and purpose of the Washington state parks gift foundation.

Removes the requirement that the disposal of real property and the sale and exchange of state park lands must be made by unanimous consent of the parks and recreation commission.

Allows the sale of discounted discover passes and day-use permits.

Requires a portion of litter taxes to be deposited in the state parks renewal and stewardship account.