Washington State Senate

Introduction and First Reading of
Bills, Memorials, Joint Resolutions and Concurrent Resolutions
2013 Regular Session of the 63rd Legislature
BRAD OWEN, President of the Senate TIM SHELDON, President Pro Tem
HUNTER G. GOODMAN, Secretary of the Senate PAULL SHIN, Vice President Pro Tem

February 18, 2013 - Monday 36TH DAY
SB 5806 By Senators Smith, Rolfes, Pearson and Hargrove

Repealing an obsolete provision for a credit against property taxes paid on timber on public land.

Referred to Committee on WAYS & MEANS.

SB 5807 By Senators Litzow, Billig and Kline

Encouraging qualifying utilities to invest in and own distributed solar energy systems by reducing the cost of such systems by allowing qualifying utilities to use the investment cost recovery incentive program, by improving the economic value of solar energy systems relative to utility scale wind generation under the energy independence act, and by giving electrical companies regulatory certainty with respect to their investment in cost-effective distributed solar energy systems.


SB 5808 By Senators Schoesler, Tom, Honeyford, Hobbs, Baumgartner, Brown and Shin

Affirming centralized payroll services as nontaxable between affiliated companies.

Referred to Committee on WAYS & MEANS.

SB 5809 By Senator Litzow

Changing provisions relating to the home visiting services account.

Referred to Committee on EARLY LEARNING & K-12 EDUCATION.

SB 5810 By Senators Darneille, Carrell and Shin; by request of Department of Corrections

Allowing the department of corrections to exempt information contained in the internal database on security threat group data from dissemination under the public records act.

Referred to Committee on HUMAN SERVICES & CORRECTIONS.

SB 5811 By Senators Tom, Fain, Hill, Rivers, Baumgartner and Shin

Addressing employee wellness programs.

Referred to Committee on WAYS & MEANS.

SB 5812 By Senators Hill, Hobbs, Hargrove and Shin; by request of Governor Inslee

Providing a business and occupation tax credit for businesses that hire veterans.

Referred to Committee on WAYS & MEANS.

SB 5813 By Senators Hewitt, Holmquist Newbry, Honeyford, Becker, Rivers, Schoesler, Hatfield, Ericksen, Hobbs, Sheldon, Hargrove, Eide, Dammeier, King, Brown and Shin

Supporting youth programs through agricultural fairs.

Referred to Committee on COMMERCE & LABOR.

SB 5814 By Senators Chase, Hasegawa, Rolfes and Kline

Concerning for hire vehicles, limousines, and taxicabs.

Referred to Committee on COMMERCE & LABOR.

SB 5815 By Senators Keiser, Holmquist Newbry, Hobbs, Hatfield, Becker, Tom, Brown and Shin

Prohibiting a person from selling or giving a vapor product designed solely for smoking or ingesting tobacco or shisha to a minor.

Referred to Committee on LAW & JUSTICE.


HB 1043 By Representatives Seaquist, Haler, Zeiger, Fagan, Fitzgibbon, Pedersen, Pollet, Magendanz and Stanford

Limiting differential tuition.

Referred to Committee on HIGHER EDUCATION.