Washington State Senate

Introduction and First Reading of
Bills, Memorials, Joint Resolutions and Concurrent Resolutions
2013 Regular Session of the 63rd Legislature
BRAD OWEN, President of the Senate TIM SHELDON, President Pro Tem
HUNTER G. GOODMAN, Secretary of the Senate PAULL SHIN, Vice President Pro Tem

February 28, 2013 - Thursday 46TH DAY
SB 5862 By Senators Honeyford, Holmquist Newbry and Schoesler

Providing tax exemptions for mint growers and processors of propane or natural gas to distill mint oil.

Referred to Committee on WAYS & MEANS.

SB 5863 By Senators Litzow, Hill, Fain and Tom

Providing a business and occupation tax exemption for charter schools and nonprofit education service providers.

Referred to Committee on WAYS & MEANS.


HB 1148 By Representatives Pedersen, Rodne, Goodman and Ryu; by request of Washington State Bar Association

Addressing dissenters' rights under the Washington business corporation act.

Referred to Committee on LAW & JUSTICE.

SHB 1256 By House Committee on Transportation (originally sponsored by Representatives Fey, Orcutt, Tarleton, Jinkins and Morrell; by request of Freight Mobility Strategic Investment Board)

Addressing project selection by the freight mobility strategic investment board.

Referred to Committee on TRANSPORTATION.

HB 1268 By Representatives Springer, Parker, Morrell, Kochmar, Upthegrove, Goodman, Zeiger, Freeman, Ryu and Fey

Regarding local government purchasing.

Referred to Committee on GOVERNMENTAL OPERATIONS.

ESHB 1274 By House Committee on Local Government (originally sponsored by Representatives Alexander, Takko, Taylor and Fey)

Concerning local government practices and procedures.

Referred to Committee on GOVERNMENTAL OPERATIONS.

HB 1369 By Representatives Lytton, Walsh, Kagi, Maxwell and Tharinger; by request of Superintendent of Public Instruction

Using school days for meeting with parents and families as part of the Washington inventory of developing skills.

Referred to Committee on EARLY LEARNING & K-12 EDUCATION.

SHB 1370 By House Committee on Judiciary (originally sponsored by Representative Seaquist)

Concerning notice requirements for homeowners' associations meetings.


HB 1684 By Representatives Reykdal, Manweller, Sells and Ryu

Defining suitable work to include a minimum age requirement.

Referred to Committee on COMMERCE & LABOR.