Washington State Senate

Introduction and First Reading of
Bills, Memorials, Joint Resolutions and Concurrent Resolutions
2013 Regular Session of the 63rd Legislature
BRAD OWEN, President of the Senate TIM SHELDON, President Pro Tem
HUNTER G. GOODMAN, Secretary of the Senate PAULL SHIN, Vice President Pro Tem

April 10, 2013 - Wednesday 87TH DAY
SB 5905 By Senators Hill and Hargrove

Establishing state employee eligibility for insurance benefits consistent with the employer shared responsibility provisions of the patient protection and affordable care act.

Referred to Committee on WAYS & MEANS.

SB 5906 By Senators Roach, Hill, Holmquist Newbry, Hargrove, Becker, Sheldon, Bailey, Eide, Pearson, Brown, Baumgartner, Harper, Braun, Hasegawa, Rivers, Nelson, Schoesler, Shin, Keiser, Ericksen, Billig, Parlette, Conway, Honeyford and Fraser

Maintaining access to state recreational lands managed by the department of natural resources.

Referred to Committee on WAYS & MEANS.

SB 5907 By Senators Roach, Holmquist Newbry, Hargrove, Baumgartner, Rivers, Braun, Pearson, Sheldon, Dammeier, Hasegawa, Litzow, Schoesler, Brown, Tom, Parlette and Ericksen

Ensuring no net loss of public access to state recreational lands.

Referred to Committee on WAYS & MEANS.