1106-S AMH POLL LUCE 153


SHB 1106 - H AMD 299

By Representative Pollet

WITHDRAWN 04/02/2015

    On page 166, after line 23, insert the following:

    "(11) Students enrolled in any publicly funded medical school must be provided access to a full range of medical training that is not limited or directed by the administrative policies of the community partner locations at which students receive clinical training, as appropriate within the medical school’s standard curriculum and without additional cost for the student. Patients seeking care at clinical settings where medical students receive training will have access to the full range of services, treatment, medications, and procedures as appropriate for the setting and allowed under Washington State law. No student may be subject to administrative policies that restrict the care or information they provide beyond the basic safety and quality standards expressed in state law."





    EFFECT: Requires that students enrolled in publically funded medical schools be provided access to the full range of medical training.  Requires that patients seeking care at such clinics have access to the full range of services, treatments, medications, and procedures as medically appropriate.   


    FISCAL IMPACT: No net change to appropriated levels.



--- END ---