1106-S2 AMH SELL LUCE 171


2SHB 1106 - H AMD 525

By Representative Sells


    On page 173, line 6, increase the education legacy trust account-state by $1,841,000


    On page 173, line 9, correct the total.


    On page 173, after line 37, insert the following:

    "(6)$1,234,000 of the education legacy trust account-state appropriation is provided solely for the creation of software engineering and data analytic programs at the university center in Everett.  The university is expected to enroll 50 students each academic year beginning in fiscal year 2017.  The university must identify these students separately when providing data to the educational data center as required in subsection (3) of this section.

    (7) $607,000 of the education legacy trust account appropriation is provided solely to create degree programs in organic agricultural systems, agricultural and food security systems, sustainable food systems, and urban horticulture located at university center in Everett."




    EFFECT: Provides $1.2M to the University of Washington (WSU) for a software engineering and data analytics program located in Everett. Provides $607,000 to WSU for agricultural and sustainable food programs located in Everett.     



           Increases Education Legacy Trust Account - State by $1,841,000.


--- END ---