2303-S AMH GRIF MURD 241


SHB 2303 - H AMD 660

By Representative Griffey


     On page 2, line 4, after "Inc." insert ", except that section 602 is not adopted"




    EFFECT:   Provides that Section 602 of the International Wildland Urban Interface Code (IWUIC) is not adopted as part of the State Building Code, as proposed in the underlying bill.  Section 602 of the model IWUIC, as published by the International Code Council, Inc., requires installation of approved automatic sprinkler systems in new buildings constructed in accordance with Class 1 ignition-resistant construction requirements, defined in the IWUIC as additional requirements for construction in wildland-urban interface areas based on extreme fire hazard (instead of requirements based on lesser fire hazard severity, such as high hazard or moderate hazard).


--- END ---