2303-S AMH PIKE MURD 239


SHB 2303 - H AMD 667

By Representative Pike


     On page 2, line 4, after "Inc." insert ", except that section 107.4.2 is not adopted"




    EFFECT:   Provides that Section 107.4.2 of the International Wildland Urban Interface Code (IWUIC) is not adopted as part of the State Building Code, as proposed in the underlying bill.  Section 107.4.2 of the model IWUIC, as published by the International Code Council, Inc., imposes time limitations on permit applications for proposed work by deeming applications abandoned 180 days after filing unless:

(a) the applicant has pursued the application in good faith;

(b) a permit has been issued; or

(c) an extension of time has been granted by a code official.


--- END ---