2303-S AMH TAYL MURD 243


SHB 2303 - H AMD 652

By Representative Taylor


     On page 2, line 4, after "Inc." insert ", except that the following are not adopted: Section 107.2(2); section 107.2(12); section 107.2(13); and any requirement in section 605.1 that barbecues have a spark arrester"



    EFFECT:   Provides that the following provisions of the International Wildland Urban Interface Code (IWUIC) are not adopted as part of the State Building Code, as proposed in the underlying bill:


(1) Subsections (2), (12), and (13) of Section 107.2 of the IWUIC, which authorize a code official to require that a permit be obtained for the following activities, operations, practices, or functions within a wildland-urban interface area: Candles and open flames in assembly areas; tents, canopies, and temporary membrane structures; and tire storage; and


(2) Any requirement in section 605.1 of the IWUIC that barbecues have a spark arrester.


--- END ---