1115.E AMS PADD S3027.1
EHB 1115 - S AMD TO S WM COMM AMD (S3013.1) 387
By Senator Padden
ADOPTED 4/14/2015
On page 29, beginning on line 19, after "project." strike all material through "years." on line 27 and insert "Of that amount, $1,300,000 is provided for the county's purchase of mobile home parks within accident potential zone II in order to reduce the density of residential uses within the accident potential zone. The county and city of jurisdiction over the property shall rezone the property and place additional limitations on the property so that future uses of the property are compatible with the United States' department of defense "joint land use study" of 2009. Any proceeds from the sale of land using this appropriation must be reapplied to Fairchild air force base encroachment protection. Additionally, the city of jurisdiction shall extend sewer and water service to the properties at its own expense. The remaining $200,000 is provided for the purchase of land for the development of affordable housing. This land must be in relative close proximity to Fairchild air force base and outside of any accident potential zones."
EFFECT: Proviso language is changed to require the proceeds of any sale of land to be re-applied to encroachment protection. Any extension of sewer and water service project properties will be the city of jurisdiction's expense.
--- END ---