5077-S AMS BILL BOGG 062


SSB 5077 - S AMD 311

By Senators Billig, Jayapal, Kohl-Welles, Frockt

NOT ADOPTED 04/02/2015

    On page 68, line 3, increase the General Fund--State (FY 2016) appropriation by $10,809,000.

    On page 68, line 4, increase the General Fund--State (FY 2017) appropriation by $20,625,000.

    Adjust the total appropriation accordingly.


On page 73, after line 7 insert the following: 


"(10) As recommended by Public Law 113-186, the department shall waive the reporting requirements under RCW 43.215.135 (2) starting January 1, 2016 to provide Working Connections Child Care recipients twelve months of continuous child care."




     EFFECT:   Waives reporting requirements for Working Connections

Child Care recipients to provide twelve months of child care.


FISCAL IMPACT:  $31,434,000 GF-S



--- END ---