5077-S AMS CONW MURR 103


SSB 5077 - S AMD 295

By Senators Conway, Hasegawa

NOT ADOPTED 04/02/2015

    On page 87, line 24, increase the Accident Account--State (FY 2016) appropriation by $1,752,000.

    On page 87, line 26, increase the Medical Account--State (FY 2017) appropriation by $309,000.

    Adjust the total appropriation accordingly.


    On page 91, after line 7, insert the following:

    "(13) $1,752,000 of the accident account--state appropriation for fiscal year 2016 and $309,000 of the medical account--state appropriation for fiscal year 2017 are provided solely to create a workplace safety and inspection unit that will specialize in protecting workers and communities from explosions or other releases of highly hazardous chemicals at worksites."



    EFFECT:   Increases funding from worker compensation account for a chemical hazards prevention unit to inspect worksites with highly hazardous chemicals.



Total Funds - $2,061,000




--- END ---