5077-S AMS KOHL BEZA 266


SSB 5077 - S AMD 300

By Senators Kohl-Welles, Rolfes, Hargrove, Pedersen, Darneille, Conway, Frockt, Cleveland, Billig, Nelson, McAuliffe, Hasegawa, McCoy, Liias

NOT ADOPTED 04/03/2015

    On page 184, line 21, increase the General Fund--State (FY 2016) appropriation by $2,658,000

    On page 184, line 22, increase the General Fund--State (FY 2017) appropriation by $8,041,000

    Adjust the total appropriation accordingly.


    On page 185, line 16, after "institutions.", strike all material down through and including "institutions." on line 20



    EFFECT: Removes the reduction in State Need Grant and College Bound scholarship amounts for the private four-year schools


FISCAL IMPACT: $10,699,000 General Fund-State


--- END ---