5077-S AMS KOHL BEZA 267


SSB 5077 - S AMD 301

By Senators Kohl-Welles, Conway, Cleveland, Hargrove, Jayapal, Frockt, Darneille, Nelson, Ranker, McCoy, McAuliffe, Hasegawa, Liias

NOT ADOPTED 04/03/2015

    On page 184, line 21, increase the General Fund--State (FY 2016) appropriation by $12,750,000

    On page 184, line 22, increase the General Fund--State (FY 2017) appropriation by $25,500,000

    Adjust the total appropriation accordingly.


    On page 184, line 33, after "(1)" strike "$227,893,000" and insert "$240,643,000"

    On page 184, line 34, after "and" strike "$194,411,000" and insert "$219,911,000"



    EFFECT:   Begins the eight year phase-in to eliminate the waitlist in the State Need Grant program pursuant to the Washington Student Achievement Council recommendations. The amounts are the first two years of implementation.


FISCAL IMPACT: $38,250,000 General Fund-State


--- END ---