5077-S AMS MCAU NOAH 051


SSB 5077 - S AMD 360

By Senators McAuliffe, Rolfes, Hasegawa, Frockt

NOT ADOPTED 04/03/2015

    On page 148, line 36, increase the General Fund--State (FY 2016) appropriation by 55,000,000.

    On page 148, line 37, increase the General Fund--State (FY 2017) appropriation by $55,000,000.

    Adjust the total appropriation accordingly.


On page 149, after line 38, insert the following:


"(g) The appropriations in this section are sufficient to fund additional salary for three state-directed professional development days for certificated instructional staff as provided within this act."



    EFFECT:   Provides three state-directed professional learning days for state funded certificated instructional staff.


Fiscal Impact:  $110,000,000


--- END ---