5607-S AMS OBAN S2295.1
SSB 5607 - S AMD 155
By Senators O'Ban, Conway
ADOPTED 3/11/2015
On page 4, after line 5, insert the following:
"(5) The board may send a grievance it has received regarding an active guardian case to the court's designee with a request that the court review the grievance and take any action the court deems necessary. This type of request from the board must be treated as a complaint under this section and the person who sent the complaint must be treated as the complainant. The court must direct the clerk to transmit a copy of its order to the board. Any further action taken by the board must be consistent with the court order."
Renumber the remaining subsections consecutively and correct any internal references accordingly.
EFFECT: The Certified Professional Guardianship Board may send grievances regarding active guardian cases to the court for review, and the court may take any action it deems necessary. Any further action taken by the Board must be consistent with the court order.
--- END ---