5954-S AMS CLEV BEZA 249


SSB 5954 - S AMD TO S-2412.3 145

By Senators Cleveland, Nelson, Kohl-Welles

ADOPTED 03/11/2015

    On page 11, line 28, after "adjustment", insert the following:


    "For accounts that are opened prior to the effective date of this section, the committee and the governing body shall make such adjustments to the number of tuition units that may be redeemed in one year as may be necessary to ensure that any change in tuition policy under section 3 of this act does not result in the decrease of the dollar value of the maximum tuition units that may be used in any one year."



    EFFECT:  Specifies to the GET governing body and committee to allow current account holders to redeem the same dollar value in a year as they were able to do prior to the tuition policy change.    



--- END ---