6052-S AMS CHAS HLL 005


SSB 6052 - S AMD TO S3394.1 508

By Senator Chase

NOT ADOPTED 06/29/2015

    On page 165, line 13, after "achievement." Insert: "As allowed under RCW 28A.655.065(8), the superintendent of public instruction shall develop and implement a temporary appeal procedure for high school students who have not met standard on the science assessment but who have met the other assessment requirements. This temporary appeal shall be viewed as assisting students who have a special, unavoidable circumstance since the state is currently undergoing the process of transitioning between new standards and new assessments. The temporary appeal process shall allow students to waive the requirements of RCW 28A.655.061 pertaining to the certificate of academic achievement and certificate of individual achievement as it applies to the science assessment requirements only. This appeal process is only available retroactively for the graduating class of 2015 and prospectively for the graduating class of 2016. The superintendent of public instruction shall grant any appeals submitted under this temporary process."


EFFECT: Provides additional guidance related to the funding appropriated to OSPI for the development and implementation of an appeal process related to waiving the state testing graduation requirements as allowed by current law (RCW 28A.655.065) for students experiencing a special and unavoidable circumstance. Requires that OSPI develop a temporary appeal for students who have not passed the science test because the state is currently transitioning to new standards and new assessments. The appeal is only available for the graduating classes of 2015 and 2016.



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