HB 1698 - DIGEST

Modifies medical cannabis provisions.

Expands the duties of the secretary of the department of social and health services.

Assures that qualifying patients are able to receive verification cards and cannabis for medical use without disruption.

Issues credentials to facilities and health care providers.

Allows for the issuance of verification cards.

Creates the medical cannabis advisory committee to provide advice and consultation to the state liquor control board, the secretary of the department of health, and the legislature.

Requires the department of social and health services to, with the advice and consultation of the medical cannabis advisory committee, establish and maintain an online, secure, and confidential database for certified health care professionals to report information about certain authorization practices.

Authorizes the University of Washington and Washington State University, upon approval by an institutional review board, to produce, process, dispense, and administer cannabis and cannabis products for purposes of research and treatment.

Exempts, from retail sales taxes, the sale of: (1) Marijuana, useable marijuana, and marijuana-infused products to qualifying patients and their designated providers in a licensed medical marijuana retailer; and

(2) Cannabis at a certified medical cannabis clinic and at a certified affiliated medical cannabis dispensary.