HB 2458-S.E - DIGEST

Establishes the cancer can't charitable pharmacy act.

Authorizes a person to whom a prescription drug was prescribed to donate the prescription drug if, as determined by the professional judgment of a pharmacist, the prescription drugs were stored under required temperature conditions using the prescription drugs' time temperature indicator information and the person has completed and signed a donor form adopted by the department of health to release the prescription drug for distribution and certifying that the donated prescription drug has never been opened, used, adulterated, or misbranded.

Prohibits a prescription drug, that can only be dispensed to a patient registered with the manufacturer of that drug, from being distributed under the program, unless the patient receiving the prescription drug is registered with the manufacturer at the time the drug is dispensed and the amount dispensed does not exceed the duration of the registration period.

Requires the department of health to develop a form for a person to use when releasing prescription drugs for distribution and certifying the condition of the drugs.