HB 2478.E - DIGEST

Requires the state noxious weed control board to conduct a pilot project that evaluates the options, methods, and costs of purposefully replacing pollen-rich and nectar-rich noxious weeds with either native or noninvasive, nonnative forage plants that can produce similar levels of pollen and nectar with a similar bloom succession to support populations of honey bees and other pollinators.

Requires all agencies, while conducting planned projects to ensure compliance with chapter 17.10 RCW, to give preference to replacing pollen-rich or nectar-rich noxious weeds with native forage plants that are beneficial for all pollinators, including honey bees.

Requires any corps project that involves the removal of noxious weeds to include the planting of pollen-rich and nectar-rich native plants to provide forage for all pollinators, including honey bees.