SB 5755 - DIGEST

Responds to the findings of the state justice reinvestment task force by: (1) Changing sentencing policy to require supervision of certain people convicted of property offenses;

(2) Providing treatment, if needed, and programs to reduce recidivism; and

(3) Providing additional support to local governments and victims of property crime.

Transfers the duties and functions of the sentencing guidelines commission to the Washington justice commission.

Provides for termination and review, under the sunset act, of the Washington justice commission.

Requires the Washington justice commission, if requested by a legislator, to prepare a racial and ethnic impact analysis that describes the effects of proposed legislation on the racial and ethnic composition of the criminal offender population or recipients of human services.

Creates the Washington justice commission account.

Makes appropriations.

Provides that this act is null and void if appropriations are not approved.