SB 6096-S.E - DIGEST

Addresses cancer research.

Creates the cancer research endowment authority and requires the authority to: (1) Solicit requests for grant funding;

(2) Issue an annual report to the public that sets forth its activities with respect to the cancer research endowment fund;

(3) Establish standards to ensure that recipients of grants for cancer research, prevention, or care purchase goods and services from Washington suppliers to the extent reasonably possible; and

(4) Establish one or more independent expert scientific review and advisory committees for the purposes of: (a) Evaluating grant proposals for cancer research and recommending grants to be made from the cancer research endowment fund; (b) advising the authority during the development and review of its strategic plans for cancer research; and (c) advising the authority on scientific and other matters in furtherance of the cancer research purposes of this act.

Creates the cancer research endowment program to make grants to public and private entities, including commercial entities, to fund or reimburse the entities pursuant to agreement for the promotion of cancer research to be conducted in the state.

Creates the cancer research endowment fund match transfer account.

Expires July 1, 2025.