SB 6121 - DIGEST

Establishes the carbon pollution accountability act.

Requires the department of ecology to implement a carbon pollution market program for emissions from covered entities by creating and distributing allowances that are tradable regionally, nationally, and internationally.

Requires the interagency coordinating council on health disparities to form a permanent cumulative impacts task force to establish criteria to prioritize the use of grants from the carbon pollution reduction account.

Requires the department of natural resources to implement a working forests and local mills support program to support domestic milling infrastructure.

Creates a working forest conservation easement program to avoid carbon emissions from the conversion of forest land to development and to maintain or enhance the carbon storage benefits of working private forest lands.

Provides a public utility tax credit to log transportation businesses and motor transportation businesses that transport agricultural products.

Provides a business and occupation tax credit to sawmills and planing mills that are subject to the tax and are registered to participate in the working forests and local mills support program.

Creates the carbon pollution reduction account.

Makes appropriations.